Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm baaaccckkkk

As all three of you may have noticed, I've taken a little break from blogging (and unfortunately running). But I'm back!

Since the marathon, the weather has been really crappy, I've gone on 2 long vacas and 2 shorties, gave p90x a try, put my house on the market, and spent lots of time with my pup and boytoy!

an ice-storm rolled through that froze everything
quality puppy time with horrific lighting
story time with uncle Joel
my boys
trail running with the herd
snowshoeing in Colorado
snowshoeing in Colorado
baby on the loose!
skiing in Colorado
give me "angry"
he always wins
skiing in Utah
the road less traveled, Utah
snow on the way to Cinci
snuck in a visit with Kelly, Mike and baby Taylor!
finally got back out on the road! 

Events coming up: a marathon (relay style with mah ladies) in April, more vacas, fence building, more redecorating, and another pooch (fingers crossed)!