Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recap: week 8 of marathon training

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Quick 3 miler at the house with the pup
Wednesday: 7 miles on the greenway with the Indian
Thursday: Trail run fail

We had planned to get a quick 4 mile trail run in but managed to wait until it was starting to get dark. Since when does it get dark by 8pm??? We managed to get in close to 3 miles and had to walk the rest of the way out because it was too dark to see to run.

this is how dark it really was
this is with the flash so you can see my swanky shoes

Friday: JB's birthday partay

I attempted to make JB a cake in the shape of a heart. The cake was Chocolate Guinness with Bailey's Frosting...all from scratch. It was sooo delicious but sooooo ugly. I managed not to grease the pan well enough and this is what it did when I tried to take it out...

ugggggggly cake

I put the big pieces on the outside and shoved crumbs in the middle, iced over it, and called it a day. It actually looked ok but there was no cutting that sucker with a knife. We could only take forks to it.

Saturday: Ran a very pleasant 10 miles (never thought I'd say that) and painted (this time at Joel's house) and had a date night
Sunday: more painting since we didn't finish Saturday

time to cover up that sponge technique
 Oh and I took Ari to the park..duh

pretty boy...grody water

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beautiful Weather and Ugly Feet

The weather over the past couple of days has been amazing!!! Brought back out the sweaters and scarves! And I've been leaving windows and sliding doors open! It got down into the 50s the other night and I found Ari like this:

poor baby got chilly

I've been running a lot (obviously) and my toes are starting to suffer. Thank goodness this weekend officially begins the fall season. No more open toed shoes for me! Got a nail that is about to die and fall off :( I'm in the ugly feet club.

cutesy shoes
not-so-cutesy feet
..and apparently bad circulation

Monday, September 17, 2012

Recap: week 7 of marathon training

What?? We are already at week 7??

Monday: 3 mile trail run with Joel, JB, and Wes - easy pace
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Ran 6 miles from my momma's house on the greenway with JB. Ran it fast! Well..fast for me.
Thursday: 3 mile trail run at Haw Ridge. First time there and was miss cranky pants because Ari was acting a fool
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Ran 12 miles out and back from my house with Joel. First 6 felt great, second 6 were brutal!!
Sunday: Sport massage :) and, of course, Ari play time

Ari doing a little ball chasin' at Concord Park

The two videos below are Ari jumping off the dock at the new dog park.  I'm a proud mama.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Recap: week 6 of marathon training

Monday: Rest day..boriiing
Tuesday: 4 mile group trail run...a blast!
Wednesday: errands (got new trail running shoes!! pics and reviews to come)
Thursday: 4 mile greenway run..just me and the pup
Friday: worked from home with my footwarmer, dinner and a movie (that we both dozed through) with the boytoy

personal footwarmer

Saturday: had an 8 mile trail run mapped out. Ari was trying out his new backpack (Ruffwear Singletrak Pack) and Joel was ready with his new trail runners. Then 2.5 minutes in, I faceplant! Sure did ring my bell. Tried to run it out and managed to run 3.7 miles and walk back to the car...totaling 5.5 miles. Joel and Ari ran the rest of the 8 and we finished at the same time! ha.


at least I got some pics of the park

all smiles all the time

Sunday: decided to give trail running another try in my new shoes..short and easy 2 miles! LOVED them! Unfortunately, I fell again (see pic above - the knee was from the 2nd fall). Apparently I have a wacky gate? gait? that needs working on.

Afterwards, my momma came up to help me paint my garage. It was disgusting and probably hadn't been painted/cleaned since the 70s. Gross. And I lived in that filth for 3 years. Finally got around to cleaning/painting.

thanks to my momma for helping out

looks like a crime scene and the lighting is terrible,
but the paint looks soooo good

Almost got done. One wall and the ceiling to go. Which means another weekend.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recap: week 5 of marathon training

Monday: Rest Day!
Tuesday: ran 2.6 around the neighborhood. My legs were toast!
Wednesday: ran 5 with the Joelster. Felt tired and sluggish and cranky!
Thursday: took a puppy and me day...ran 3 slow trail miles
Friday: karma yoga class with Joel and JB...had a hard time being mentally there.
Saturday: Ran 8 trail miles with Joel and 2 greenway...apparently I need new trail running shoes. Any recommendations out there??
Sunday: Boooooomsday!! aka Knoxville's excuse to drink and watch fireworks!

All in all, had a really hard training week. I haven't been doing what I know works for my body and I'm paying for it! Hoping this week goes better!

Aside from running and drinking, Ari got some playtime and a present!! He got a new backpack so we can trail run/hike the local trails that don't have water available. Now we are ready...

you aren't supposed to sleep in it, silly dog

And just because...

playtime at the park