Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marathon Week Inspiration

As the week of anticipation builds, I turn to pinterest for marathon inspiration.

found this gem
Ari would probably say the same thing...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Recap: week 17 of marathon training

We are down to 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: 4 mile trail run with the little Indian and the dogs. Man I've missed trail running. Felt good to be out there!
Wednesday: had a 6 mile run on the schedule but it didn't happen...see Thursday. Also, sat in a car for 5 hours on the way to NC (should have been a 4 hour drive...thank you Thanksgiving traffic).
Thursday: Thanksgiving! I ran 4 miles (had 3 on the schedule) and my uncle convinced me to walk and talk for a bit with him. 5.5 miles later of speed walking, I had 9.5 miles under my belt. Turkey earned!

Thanksgiving spearmint, cinnamon, clove, chamomile tea..mmmm mm

Friday: ate bacon and drove home from NC.
Saturday: Ran 8 miles, spectated at Joel's cyclocross race, and spent time with high school friends. I've missed them!

beautiful day for a race
Sunday: Ran errands like no-body's biznas.

With the weak of the race going quickly, I am all over some inspiration. The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women is hilarious. The passage below made me laugh and stuck with me!

perks of marathon training

Monday, November 19, 2012

Recap: week 16 of marathon training

We are down to 11 days!!! Since I went a little too hard last week, my knee has been acting up. I decided to play it safe this week.

Monday: rest day!
Tuesday:  Yoga focused on stretching
Wednesday: hit the road bike on the trainer for 45 mins - my biking legs are not with me anymore :(
Thursday: ran on the treadmill for the first time in years. still not a fan. and I kept hitting the emergency stop button on accident, so I have no idea how far or how long I ran :/

see that GIANT button? how could you not hit it??

Friday: Sushi with my baybay and fell asleep on the couch watching a movie..very eventful Friday night
Saturday: Ran 12 miles on one of my fav greenways. Such a beautiful day! That same greenway is attached to trails. Joel took Ari mountain biking while I ran. pretty sweet deal.

oh hey crazy pants

can't complain too much on a day like this

worn out Ari makes sure the important end is supported

Sunday: did touch-ups all day at the close to being ready to put on the market!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Recap: week 15 of marathon training

Let me just start out by saying holy shit..I ran 40 miles this week!

Monday: rest day..aka spent the day trying to find a place for all of my junk/dishes

Tuesday: ran 5 miles on a sidewalk near the house since it's well lit. toooo much traffic. won't be doing that one again.

Ari was left alone for 30 mins...this is what I came home to

Wednesday: ran 5 on the flat part on one of the greenways. felt great! Then had a nice dinner with Joel for his bday!
Thursday: ran 10 from UT. This was the worst run I have ever ever ever been on. The weather was actually quite nice but I managed to eat carrots/hummus about an hour before running. That was dumb. I had to keep stopping because I thought I was going to vomit everywhere! Remind me never to do that again!
Friday: Rest day!
Saturday: Hit 2 milestones: 1. ran 20 miles!!! holy guacamole! ran them on the Greenbelt in Maryville (the next little town over...also where my momma lives). The weather got into the 70s by the time I finished...beautiful!! 2. Shot my first snot rocket!! woop woop!! I now feel like a badass! Except I stopped to do it and no one was around. eh details. Then campfire time at the house for bday celebration. Nothin like beer and smores by a fire! Unfortunately no pics :(
Sunday: went hiking with some friends for more Joel's birthday week celebration. We had fun but this pushed me over the edge. Let taper begin!!!

Ari and Mylo can't wait to hike!
JB's hearty breakfast
photo bomb a la Ari..had to make this large bc the look on Ari's face
lots of ups and downs
taking in the views
from Mt. Mitchell area, NC
Shannon, JB, Joel and I
people friends
pooch friends
all hiking pics photo credit to JB

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recap: week 14 of marathon training

This week is a hard one for me. Disclaimer...lots of words in this recap.

Monday: sports massage (this was the easy part of the week, obviously)

Tuesday: ran 4 miles (was supposed to run 5 but somehow read the wrong week's mileage). I took Ari to a park we visit frequently for this run. He ran off leash for a while and needed it. About a mile from the car, he spotted a critter of some sort and took off after it. He does this often but comes back quickly. This time he ran way off in the brush to where I couldn't see him. I shouted and watched and shouted and watched. No Ari. So I sprinted the last mile back to the car as it was starting to get dark. I jumped in and drove around shouting Ari's name. Still no Ari. Luckily a road crosses the greenway about 100 yards from where Ari took off. So I could drive back with headlights. My mom, stepdad, and friend all came out to help look. They brought flashlights and jackets (it was freezing). Joel was in class but left when I told him Ari was missing. So..long story longer..about 1.5 hours after taking off, Ari was found. My Indian friend that I run with often and dogsits on a regular basis, JB, drove up while the rest of us were down the greenway shouting and clapping for Ari. Apparently Ari had made his way back to that spot where the road crosses the greenway and was growling at a couple (not at all typical for him). Then he tried to bite JB. JB made the call and thank goodness Ari was found!!!! I didn't notice until we got home, but he had either been in a fight with another animal or had gotten into a fence. He looked really beat up. Talk about emotional day.

Wednesday: Ran 5 miles with Joel and Ari (who was still acting off) for Halloween. Then we curled up to watch Hocus Pocus! One of my all time favs! After, we were getting ready for bed and I tried to squat. My right knee was completely swollen and I could hardly bend it! What?? I've never had knee issues. It didn't even hurt!

Dressed up the trouble maker as punishment 

He didn't care..he just wanted to sleep

Thursday: Knee was still swollen and out of fear of destroying myself so close to race day, I took the day off.
Friday: Iced the hell out of the knee.
Saturday: Ran a very slow 14 miles on the greenway.
Sunday: Made the big move!! I officially live with Joel! Wooooo!!!

Super emotional week. Here's to hoping this week is less emotional and little more fun!