Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top 3 Marathon Posters and The Beer Stand

I made a point when running the marathon to watch the people cheering and read the signs they made. I was out there to have fun, after all. So here are my top 3 posters (that I can remember)

#3 "Chuck Norris never ran a marathon"

this wasn't the actual sign holder..taken from here

#2 "Press Here for Turbo Charge" The sign had a big yellow circle that damn near every person smacked, including me!

#1 "Go ahead a poop your pants, I just did." This one was held up by a lady and her baby. I actually laughed out loud to this one.

There was also a beer stand. I completely forgot to mention this is my race recap, but it deserves attention! At mile 24, there was a beer stand. A group of people was handing out shots of beer! There was a man with a microphone shouting inspirations and announcing that he had beer for all. Bless you, sweet man. Had I thought I could down the beer without throwing up, I would have taken some. Sadly, I passed but really enjoyed the entertainment.

I imagine this guy was probably there


  1. I like sign #2, I haven't heard that one before.

  2. Haha don't let Chuck Norris find out that sign exists. I'm pretty sure the marathon would run to Chuck Norris! :)