Monday, September 10, 2012

Recap: week 6 of marathon training

Monday: Rest day..boriiing
Tuesday: 4 mile group trail run...a blast!
Wednesday: errands (got new trail running shoes!! pics and reviews to come)
Thursday: 4 mile greenway run..just me and the pup
Friday: worked from home with my footwarmer, dinner and a movie (that we both dozed through) with the boytoy

personal footwarmer

Saturday: had an 8 mile trail run mapped out. Ari was trying out his new backpack (Ruffwear Singletrak Pack) and Joel was ready with his new trail runners. Then 2.5 minutes in, I faceplant! Sure did ring my bell. Tried to run it out and managed to run 3.7 miles and walk back to the car...totaling 5.5 miles. Joel and Ari ran the rest of the 8 and we finished at the same time! ha.


at least I got some pics of the park

all smiles all the time

Sunday: decided to give trail running another try in my new shoes..short and easy 2 miles! LOVED them! Unfortunately, I fell again (see pic above - the knee was from the 2nd fall). Apparently I have a wacky gate? gait? that needs working on.

Afterwards, my momma came up to help me paint my garage. It was disgusting and probably hadn't been painted/cleaned since the 70s. Gross. And I lived in that filth for 3 years. Finally got around to cleaning/painting.

thanks to my momma for helping out

looks like a crime scene and the lighting is terrible,
but the paint looks soooo good

Almost got done. One wall and the ceiling to go. Which means another weekend.


  1. I split my knee open during a trail race one time. That was my last trail run ever. I had to get stitches and everything. Not fun. :(

    1. Bummer!! Don't let it keep you from trying again! It really is a great sport!