Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recap: week 5 of marathon training

Monday: Rest Day!
Tuesday: ran 2.6 around the neighborhood. My legs were toast!
Wednesday: ran 5 with the Joelster. Felt tired and sluggish and cranky!
Thursday: took a puppy and me day...ran 3 slow trail miles
Friday: karma yoga class with Joel and JB...had a hard time being mentally there.
Saturday: Ran 8 trail miles with Joel and 2 greenway...apparently I need new trail running shoes. Any recommendations out there??
Sunday: Boooooomsday!! aka Knoxville's excuse to drink and watch fireworks!

All in all, had a really hard training week. I haven't been doing what I know works for my body and I'm paying for it! Hoping this week goes better!

Aside from running and drinking, Ari got some playtime and a present!! He got a new backpack so we can trail run/hike the local trails that don't have water available. Now we are ready...

you aren't supposed to sleep in it, silly dog

And just because...

playtime at the park


  1. Great training week Melissa! Have you looked at REI for some trail running shoes? They might have some good advice at least.

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'll have the check them out!