Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recap: week 8 of marathon training

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Quick 3 miler at the house with the pup
Wednesday: 7 miles on the greenway with the Indian
Thursday: Trail run fail

We had planned to get a quick 4 mile trail run in but managed to wait until it was starting to get dark. Since when does it get dark by 8pm??? We managed to get in close to 3 miles and had to walk the rest of the way out because it was too dark to see to run.

this is how dark it really was
this is with the flash so you can see my swanky shoes

Friday: JB's birthday partay

I attempted to make JB a cake in the shape of a heart. The cake was Chocolate Guinness with Bailey's Frosting...all from scratch. It was sooo delicious but sooooo ugly. I managed not to grease the pan well enough and this is what it did when I tried to take it out...

ugggggggly cake

I put the big pieces on the outside and shoved crumbs in the middle, iced over it, and called it a day. It actually looked ok but there was no cutting that sucker with a knife. We could only take forks to it.

Saturday: Ran a very pleasant 10 miles (never thought I'd say that) and painted (this time at Joel's house) and had a date night
Sunday: more painting since we didn't finish Saturday

time to cover up that sponge technique
 Oh and I took Ari to the park..duh

pretty boy...grody water

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  1. Sorry about the cake when you put so much effort into it. I have had cakes turn out like that too, but they still tasted great.