Wednesday, June 6, 2012

road bike fail and walk in the park

Monday night I went for a group road bike ride. This is what it looked like pre-ride and the radar showed zero clouds.

those look like clouds to me...

It actually ended up being really nice despite the clouds. The weather was pretty perfect and we didn't get rained on. Despite the ideal riding weather, I was moving very slow!! This ride is a 21ish mile no-drop (meaning no one gets left behind) ride that usually has enough people and skill levels to break into 3 groups. I tend to stick with the slowest and ride a very casual pace. Well Monday there weren't many other riders, so we broke into 2 groups, a faster and a slower. Except the slower was still a little faster than my quads wanted to go. After 3 days of legs, a 4th was pushing it on these gams. I got really discouraged right out of the gate and was not a happy camper. I was miss Judy Attitudey. I am not very competitive with others (unless I'm in dead last), but I am with myself. Again..not a happy camper. I was happy afterwards, when it was over, and I had food and a glass of wine in my hand :) 

So Tuesday I decided to give the legs a rest. But the pup needed some about energy. We went down to one of the local parks and threw the ball. Absolutely gorgeous day! 

this is one of the two neighborhoods I'd like to live in one day

There really weren't very many people out surprisingly! Typically this park is pretty packed on a nice day. I suspect most of them were drinking beer outside on a porch somewhere. 

happy dog!

We both needed that walk!!


  1. That is my plan for the weekend! It's supposed to be 90, but to waffles, that is the perfect weather to go for a walk and play fetch! :)

    1. Oh yes. Fetch and jumping in the water are Ari's fav! Doesn't matter the temperature. He'll do it in the teens also.