Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunny and 70s

This weekend was a rare cool and breezy June weekend! The weather was perfect! 

Friday I got in a quick run with the pooch, got my hair did, and headed to Joel's for the weekend. When I got there, he and his brother, Nate, were ready to build the first fire of the season. But everything was wet fro the rain during the week. So cardboard boxes worked as starters for the dry logs.

wagon wheel
brothas and their handy work

Ari has become a rather big fan of Joel's house, partially for Joel and partially because he can roam the yard without a leash. He's getting better at learning his parameters, thanks to cookies.

log thief

Saturday, Joel worked on the bikes in the morning (all 3 of my bikes were at his house for maintenance..ha). I slept in :) and then cooked a breakfast feast!

Our breakfast spot

Then it was off to Home Depot to get yard tools. Joel was determined to clean up his yard...it had gotten out of control. So Ari and I helped. I forgot to take a before picture but here is the mess after.

the after..looks way worse in person

We went mountain biking Saturday night. OH...can't forget. Joel is amazing and while I was napping, he installed a hitch on my car. So this time when we loaded up to go mountain biking, we could all three and go in my car with the bikes. Success!! I did my usual easy loop then ran into Joel and Ari. Joel showed me some other trails and I realized exactly how bad I am at the sport! Shew..I have some work to do! It was pretty cool watching Ari stay right behind Joel while he was riding. He would occasionally come back to make sure I was still there and then peace out straight for Joel. If I hadn't thought I was going to die the whole time, I may have thought to take a picture or video.

Sunday Joel had a ride planned with his buddies and I went trail running with one of mine. JB has 2 dogs and sometimes a 3rd. He brought 2 of them to the trail run with me and Ari. So the 2 of us ran with 3 dogs. It was awesome! It was his first time trail running and he loved it. And I won't lie. I loved that I kind of kicked his booty! I'm excited to say I now have a weekly trail running buddy that does more than bark :)

The awesome weekend ended with me passing out at 10ish and dreaming I was mountain biking straight into a tree... Hope that isn't a premonition.

someone was pooped!

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