Friday, June 29, 2012

Commuter Style

I had the urge to ride my bike to work today! It's actually faster than driving since the whole place is under construction right now. They plan to close my entire parking lot next week so I figured I'd give this commuter thing a test run today. It's actually pretty awesome. What's not so awesome..the water is my building was turned off last night and they haven't figured out how to get it back on. Looks like I'll be using the neighbors potty today!


big ol' mess

Last night I did my weekly trail run with the little the 100 degree heat. I had told my buddy that we needed to take it nice and easy with minimal hills. It was just tooo hot to be doing a cray cray run. So we did the easy side then he wanted to add one of the big hills. Ugh...that run wore me out!!

this is what I run in when its 100 degrees

Everyone stay cool out there this weekend! Forecasting 107 for my neck of the woods. The boytoy and I plan is to spend majority of the time in the water! Pool here we come!

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  1. 107??? geez! It hit 100 here yesterday and people were freaking out! I loved it though, waffles and i went on a super long walk and had the dog park all to ourselves!!