Friday, August 31, 2012

Quinoa Burgers

Ever since we got back from Colorado, I've been wanting to make quinoa burgers! I had one at Steamworks Brewing Co. in Durango and it was the BEST vege-type burger I've ever had! Probably the best burger I've had! Joel really liked it too! He ended up eating nearly half. The thing was huge.  Anyways, last night I finally got around to making some! I found a recipe on Pinterest (per the ush) and got down to it.

I forgot to take a pic but this is pretty much what it looked like

pic from the eatingwelllivingthin blog
and this is the recipe I used: (I went for the adaptation with zucchini).

I topped it with spinach, sauteed onions, and feta and threw it all on a toasted wheat bun. It was SO GOOD!! Not quite the Steamworks burger, but pretty darn close! Loved it!! Just a tip (just the tip??) watch the quantity. The original recipe makes 10...need to wait for company to come over for that one. I cut the recipe in 1/2 and it still made 6. 6 delish healthy/low cal/tasty tasty burgers!

Something else...I'm obsessed with the dog shaming blog. Ari willll end up on this. He has already committed enough crimes. Now I just have to pick one. Perhaps something like "I eat rib bones out of the neighbors trash and make mom worry for days" or "I lick armpits".

what Ari does instead of getting out of the kitchen as told..guilty!

And more pictures of Ari. Because it's Friday. And I love my dog.

Ari likes to help me stretch #sweatpink
sensing a theme?

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