Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recap: week 9 of marathon training

Not much to recap from week 9. The week got crazy and I had to cut one run short and missed another run. There was a 7 miler somewhere in the middle and 14 MILE RUN on the weekend!

Saturday I ran 14 miles. I did it nice and slow but felt pretty darn good the whole time. Had beautiful weather and nice scenery. That is the farthest I've ever run (I will probably say the same words for every weekend run from now until the marathon is over) and I'm pretty proud of myself.

When I got back to the car, I had a few texts waiting on me from my lovely boyfriend. He knows I'm kind of obsessed with dogshaming and Ari is trying his hardest to get on the blog. I came back from my run to this:

Ari hates Ann Taylor #dogshaming

The shame sign says "This is my payback when mom goes running and leaves me home". The turd broke into an Ann Taylor bag and ate the paper surrounding the clothes. Luckily, no clothes were harmed.

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