Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recap: week 11 of marathon training

This week's recap is a little bit better told by picture. I was in taper mode because I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon with some friends over the weekend! So the actual running recap portion really only involves Sautrday. 

Ari "helping" me pack
I took my GRE on Thursday! Thank goodness that is over! Hopefully it's good enough to get me into the program I am interested in.

Friday we (Joel and I) flew into Baltimore for the race and to see my old college friend, Lisa. We were roommates once upon a time so we are real close. She took us straight to the expo to pick up our packets. This expo was impressive and well organized (more on this to come).

Lisa, Joel, and I hit the expo on Friday.
Baltimore ain't got nuthin' on our Runnin' Man

Saturday was race day!!! I'm pretty sure I drove Joel crazy. I'm a bit of a morning person - especially on race day. I get so excited when I know people running with me! It was Joel and Lisa's first half, so I was giddy for them! Long story short (I'll give the long in a full race recap), Joel had a bum knee and decided to hang back and run with me. My goal was to get under 2 hours. PR!! I would have been happy with anything 1:59:59 and under! So pumped!!


finishers with our crab medals!

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring Baltimore, riding water taxis, hanging out with Lisa and her man, and we got to see Joel's sister, her partner, and the baby!!

water taxi with the babay
Federal Hill Park
Washington Monument sunrise from the hotel window
I want to steal this baby
no more pictures, please
A full race/expo recap coming soon...

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  1. I am glad that you had fun in Baltimore and that you got to see your friend. It looks like a lot of people ran that race this weekend.