Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recap: week 13 of marathon training

Monday: "rest" day. I put this in quotes because all in one day, Ari ran into the woods at 6am....Joel had to call him back because the turd won't listen to me. I took him to the condo because I had plans to stay on that side of town for the night. I went home over lunch to let him out and found the following items destroyed: 1 granola bar, 5 puzzles, 2 dvd cases, 1 roll toilet paper, and 1 book (that I know of).

"asshole", as I affectionately referred to him for the rest of the day, put himself in his crate

Then, he got pink eye. Who knew dogs could get pink eye?? So I took him to the vet over lunch. He spent the rest of the day on a leash.
Tuesday: was sickly so I bailed on my 4 mile run. Took Ari to the park so he could run out the energy he was harnessing to destroy my house. He ran for 2 hours straight. Ah victory.

dog park at sunset

Wednesday: ran 5 with Ari at Melton Hill. Got bitched at by a walker that was scared of dogs because I had Ari off leash near the water. He was doing no harm so I kept running as if I heard nothing :)
Thursday: Ran 9 with JB. Good hilly run. Glad to have a buddy.
Friday: Pumpkin carving with Joel, Kara, and Bryan!

Joel's ghoul (for lack of a better term), Bryan and Kara's pumpkin ghost, and my Jack.

Saturday: ran 18 at Melton Hill. Ran through a mountain bike race (that Joel competed in so I stopped to say hello at mile 17) and some sort of crew competition. Wish I would have had my camera. There were people everywhere! Most of them were rude :(

tired puppies

Sunday: Volunteered at a 10 mile race...worked registration. Thank goodness we had a tent..those crazies ran in the cold rain! Then it was pack pack pack pack time.

found this gem while packing..it's a birthday card from my dear friend Lisa.
for the record, I'm in no way preggers

 And just for fun, I would like to give a preview of my hopefully marathon outfit. I haven't run in it yet so I'm not sure how it will do, hence hopefully, but I'm hoping for the best. Also..I clearly want my friends to be able to see me in the masses. The shirt is even brighter in person.

thanks Nike clearance 

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