Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Recap: week 15 of marathon training

Let me just start out by saying holy shit..I ran 40 miles this week!

Monday: rest day..aka spent the day trying to find a place for all of my junk/dishes

Tuesday: ran 5 miles on a sidewalk near the house since it's well lit. toooo much traffic. won't be doing that one again.

Ari was left alone for 30 mins...this is what I came home to

Wednesday: ran 5 on the flat part on one of the greenways. felt great! Then had a nice dinner with Joel for his bday!
Thursday: ran 10 from UT. This was the worst run I have ever ever ever been on. The weather was actually quite nice but I managed to eat carrots/hummus about an hour before running. That was dumb. I had to keep stopping because I thought I was going to vomit everywhere! Remind me never to do that again!
Friday: Rest day!
Saturday: Hit 2 milestones: 1. ran 20 miles!!! holy guacamole! ran them on the Greenbelt in Maryville (the next little town over...also where my momma lives). The weather got into the 70s by the time I finished...beautiful!! 2. Shot my first snot rocket!! woop woop!! I now feel like a badass! Except I stopped to do it and no one was around. eh details. Then campfire time at the house for bday celebration. Nothin like beer and smores by a fire! Unfortunately no pics :(
Sunday: went hiking with some friends for more Joel's birthday week celebration. We had fun but this pushed me over the edge. Let taper begin!!!

Ari and Mylo can't wait to hike!
JB's hearty breakfast
photo bomb a la Ari..had to make this large bc the look on Ari's face
lots of ups and downs
taking in the views
from Mt. Mitchell area, NC
Shannon, JB, Joel and I
people friends
pooch friends
all hiking pics photo credit to JB


  1. 40 miles is awesome- GREAT job!
    Sorry Ari made a mess- I have come home to a war zone before and I was not happy about it. It is no fun to clean up shredded magazines everywhere. :/

  2. Thanks!
    Ari is notorious for his war zones! He will destroy anything made of paper.