Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recap: week 14 of marathon training

This week is a hard one for me. Disclaimer...lots of words in this recap.

Monday: sports massage (this was the easy part of the week, obviously)

Tuesday: ran 4 miles (was supposed to run 5 but somehow read the wrong week's mileage). I took Ari to a park we visit frequently for this run. He ran off leash for a while and needed it. About a mile from the car, he spotted a critter of some sort and took off after it. He does this often but comes back quickly. This time he ran way off in the brush to where I couldn't see him. I shouted and watched and shouted and watched. No Ari. So I sprinted the last mile back to the car as it was starting to get dark. I jumped in and drove around shouting Ari's name. Still no Ari. Luckily a road crosses the greenway about 100 yards from where Ari took off. So I could drive back with headlights. My mom, stepdad, and friend all came out to help look. They brought flashlights and jackets (it was freezing). Joel was in class but left when I told him Ari was missing. So..long story longer..about 1.5 hours after taking off, Ari was found. My Indian friend that I run with often and dogsits on a regular basis, JB, drove up while the rest of us were down the greenway shouting and clapping for Ari. Apparently Ari had made his way back to that spot where the road crosses the greenway and was growling at a couple (not at all typical for him). Then he tried to bite JB. JB made the call and thank goodness Ari was found!!!! I didn't notice until we got home, but he had either been in a fight with another animal or had gotten into a fence. He looked really beat up. Talk about emotional day.

Wednesday: Ran 5 miles with Joel and Ari (who was still acting off) for Halloween. Then we curled up to watch Hocus Pocus! One of my all time favs! After, we were getting ready for bed and I tried to squat. My right knee was completely swollen and I could hardly bend it! What?? I've never had knee issues. It didn't even hurt!

Dressed up the trouble maker as punishment 

He didn't care..he just wanted to sleep

Thursday: Knee was still swollen and out of fear of destroying myself so close to race day, I took the day off.
Friday: Iced the hell out of the knee.
Saturday: Ran a very slow 14 miles on the greenway.
Sunday: Made the big move!! I officially live with Joel! Wooooo!!!

Super emotional week. Here's to hoping this week is less emotional and little more fun!


  1. Sorry your week was so rough, but at least you ended on a high note! :-)

  2. Poor Ari! I would be a wreck!

    I hope your knee feels better! At least you are taking days off when you need them. Sometimes my knee acts up out of the blue, and then a week later its like it never happened. It could be weather, stress, anything! Just stay calm and positive - and tell that knee to pipe down!!

    1. Yeah I was a total sobbing disaster.

      Thanks for the motivation! Sure needed it this weekend. Had my first 20 miler! yikkkeessss