Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Holy Heat!

Knoxville set a record over the weekend!! 105 degrees for 2 days in a row! Man it was brutal! The Joelster and I spent most of the weekend relaxing in the pool. There may have been margaritas involved :) We did manage to get in an early morning "beat the heat" trail run that was still hot and humid. Not my best run.

I carried my Camelbak water bottle, mentioned here, and while it's pretty awkward to run with, I'm glad I had it! I've taken it on a few runs lately and it works just fine..no water shooting at your face while running, keeps the water nice a cool (although I suggest starting with ice), has a decent size pocket for key, id, and gel packs, etc. I still prefer to run empty handed if possible but this is a good alternative for the hot days!

Not only has the heat made running difficult, it's sucked the energy straight from my body! Apparently it has taken the same evil tole on Ari as well.

I don't want to get up either, big guy

Any big plans out there for the 4th?


  1. I would live in a pool right now if i could! I think the worst is that it's not really cooling off at night, so even the early am is sticky and hot. SO ready for fall!

  2. 105 for two days in a row?! YIKES!!!! I would be living in the pool 24/7.