Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Celebrations

UPDATE: My chip time was 25:55!! They only posted gun time in the beginning as that is what awards were based on. 

The 4th celebrations started Tuesday night. The Knoxville Track Club hosted the 28th Annual Pilot Fireball  Moonlight Classic 5k Run/Walk at 9pm! It was my first nighttime run and it was awesome!! Convinced Joel to run as part of our team...his first 5k ever! He had invested in some real running shoes just a few days before and it was time to put them to the test.  

team MoJos..Joe, Joel, Me, and JB pre-race

I managed a PR of 26:14!! Although my watch said 25:55. Not a huge difference...I'm thinking I may have delayed starting my watch. I'll still take it! Joel came in at 23:16! Not bad for his first race ;) Our team got 5th place!! Heck yeaaaahh!!

the team after-race
threw this one in for giggles

this is where we found JB after the race

For the 4th, we had plans to do about 6 different things. What really happened? We woke up and relaxed while watching DVR'd stages of the Tour de France. We made our way to the local park for an easy jog/walk to loosen up our legs and let Ari get some energy out. Then we hit the pool for a bit, got back to the house and showered, drank a beer while catching up on Olympic trials, and then fell asleep! Our 5 minute cat nap turned into an hour. Our plans of hanging out with friends turned into a nap/trip to Sweet P's Barbeque and Soul House.

some of the best bar biiiii q in Knoxville

After gorging ourselves with delishusness, we walked around Sweet P's dock and found some amazing 70s house boats! This is where I tried to convince Joel that we needed to sell both of our houses and move in to this beauty!

future home??

Joel wasn't feeling well all day and it just got worse and worse, so we stopped by Walgreens to get the essentials. Probably the longest yet most entertaining trip to Walgreens ever. The crowd that shows up at 8:30 on the 4th of July is quite a spectacle.

We made it back with just enough time to harass Ari for a few, then hit the fireworks!

festive Ari
our view for the evening

All in all, an unexpectedly relaxing day.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous 4th of July! I like Ari's sunglasses. :-)