Monday, July 16, 2012

I AM a Runner

Lately I've found myself saying things like "runners wear stuff like this" and "a good stretch for runners looks like this". When I talk to my bike friends (Joel gets most of the runner babble in particular), I talk about runners but never admit that I am one. But I AM a runner, dammit.

Joel has said it before that I am one of thoooose people but I have never said it.. until yesterday. Over the weekend, I volunteered at the SERC mountain bike race that was in town. Susie, the girl that was working the road crossing with me, asked if I am a runner. I thought about it for a minute and said.."yes, yes I am a runner."

Finally put it out there! I AM a runner.


  1. I always question myself too. I mean, i guess sometimes i run. Or try to run, haha. But yes, we are all runners, whether we know it or not!