Friday, July 13, 2012

Morning time run

Today was the day that I finally got around to running before work. I have set my alarm early on many days but sleep won every time...until today! Between Ari begging to go outside and Joel pushing me out of bed gently encouraging me to get out and run, I managed to get up! I'm actually really glad I did! I thought I would hate it but it was really nice! Over the past couple of weeks, the weather has either been 105 or raining. This morning we had a break in the rain and it was low 70s! The humidity was fairly high but the temp was perfect! So Ari and I set out on our run...Ari made it 1.5 miles (he's not a morning dog) and I threw in another 1.5 at a comfortable pace.

When I came back in, I grabbed my water and chocolate soymilk (sooo delish after a run) and stretched for a few minutes. Ari likes to help me licks-all-the-sweat-off-my-arms-and-legs. I gave up and laid down after a few minutes and this is what happened...

big ol baby lap dog

He stayed like that until I made him move. Can't help but love that dumb dog.

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