Friday, July 20, 2012

Beer tasting and beer bread

Disclaimer: this post involves almost nothing healthy. If that is what you are looking for, skip on down to the last bit.

The past couple of days have managed to involve beer! NO complaints here! I made this puppy a few days ago thanks to pinterest. Honey beer bread. It's super dense but wreaks of beer and is quite tasty. I would have eaten the entire thing right out of the oven if 1 chunk slice didn't fill me up. I'm serious...dense!

honey beer bread

Then last night, a buddy of mine invited me to a beer tasting at Miss Lily's Cafe in Townsend. They have started a beer club and once a month they pair a dinner with beers. It was great! I got to catch up with old friends and try some tasty beer!! (I was too busy having fun that I forgot to take pics...oops!)

Before the fun, I managed to get in a quick run with Ari! It has rained every afternoon for the past 2ish weeks until yesterday! Hellooo blue skies! Ari and I ran the greenway that goes beside a creek. In 3.5 miles, I let Ari off leash 3 times to play in the water to keep him cool in the hot hot heat. Seemed to do the trick!! I had all of 15 minutes to rinse off and head to the beer club. I was sweating like a pig and after the shower I was sweating like a smaller pig. Anyone ever had that problem?? I just hope the deodorant and squirt of perfume were enough to ward off the bootay smell!


  1. Ever you ever tried beer cheese? it's AMAZING! I am just thinking beer cheese + beer bread = a match made in heaven!

  2. Yes! Love some beer cheese! Definitely a heavenly match!