Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back again: part 2

The trip to Charleston from Savannah started with the detour in Hilton Head. We had heard great things and decided to check it out. Turns out, not really our scene. But since we were there, we took a walk on the beach. A walk that was meant to be a 30 min walk and turned into more of an hour or so. Hello sunburn! Also, Joel dropped his phone in the ocean.

Ang's rice trick worked! Joel left his phone in pieces in rice for 3 days and it came back to life!
When we finally arrived in Charleston, we were hungry! After a quick clean up we went to Cru Cafe to find out it was closed for the day :( As we were searching for an alternative for dinner, we walked past a cute, little Italian restaurant called Bocci's. Menu looked good so we went in. Happy Birthday dinner (#1) to me! 

hellloooo scallops!
ravioli with a bite
Day 2 in Charleston started off with a run around the historic district and down through the Battery. I struggled through this one but enjoyed the scenery! Made it back just in time for breakfast and then it was time to hit Folly Beach! We got some advice from Neil, the concierge/front desk/retired tour guide, to head down to the lighthouse. He told us some of the history and that it was not over run with tourists. He was right! We had the place to ourselves! It was great! Pictures of the beach to come...

After some beautiful beach time and amazing lunch at Rita's, we headed back to Charleston for some relaxation and tending to the radiating sunburn. Birthday dinner #2 was Thai. Place had a funky smell but the food was pretty good. The real highlight was the wine bar we stopped at on the way back. Bin 52 was just around the corner from our home for the trip. The place had a very romantic atmosphere with low lighting and several tables for 2. We tried some delicious wine and chatted until it was allllmost my birthday. Grandma couldn't quite make it until midnight.

Bin 52 birthday drinks
Day 3 in Charleston was my actual birthday! We had our usual breakfast at the bnb (The Elliot House Inn) out in the courtyard and checked out.

b-day breakfast in the courtyard

view from the courtyard
Neil gave us more ideas on what to see around town for the day. Went back to Cru Cafe again to find a really long wait. We opted to try Five Loaves Cafe instead. And we were not disappointed! Mimosas and really tasty food! After a long walk around town and through the College of Charleston (and more sunburn), we hit the road back to TN. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

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