Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ladies weekend in TN!

This past weekend, two of my very best friends came to visit me! Cales, from South Cakalaki, and Lindsey, livin in Nashville, came in town for my b-day/Dave Barnes/Amos Lee! The Rhythm and Blooms music festival and Dave Barnes just happened to be here the weekend of my birthday! It was fate! The ladies came in Friday night for b-day dinner with my momma and Saturday was Dave Barnes.

those are some good lookin ladies!
I'm not going to lie...Dave was hilarious!!! He is quite the chatty cathy when it comes to performing...that plus with his dreamy voice are the reasons I heart Dave Barnes (he made shirts that said this when he was new on the scene..still have mine)! When he talks, it's basically opening the flood gates to his brain and anything and everything he thinks comes out. Someone in the audience shouted what sounded like "chubby dancer". Who knows what he actually said but Dave RAN with it!

This was the second of the two chubby dancer giggle fits that happened on stage! You can't really hear it, but the bass player and the drummer gave him a little beat to dance to. Best Dave show to date!

Sunday was another fun-filled day! We started out with a delicious brunch at Tomato Head (totally should have taken pictures), then checked out all the chalk drawings in Market Square. Part of the Rhythm and Blooms festival is a chalk drawing contest. Artists of all ages were given a square to work their magic in. There was some really impressive stuff out there! The shops on the square managed to draw us in too. 

Then we took a chance to swing by Yee-Haw and check out the letter-press prints. They aren't typically open on Sundays, but sadly they are closing for good so we figured the might be open. Kevin, the owner, was standing outside when we got there and opened the doors for us. Thanks again, Kevin! Their stuff is so unique and interesting. They make the Farmers' Market posters every year and are pretty iconic for Knoxville. 
this year's Farmers' Market poster
Lindsey is supa-dupa artsy and had lots to talk about with Kevin. He ended up taking us on a tour of the shop. I didn't know a whole lot about the process going in, but wow does it take some work! I really enjoyed snooping through everything and seeing all wooden letter blocks.

instagram wooden letter blocks

After that serious shopping spree, we needed a nap! Then it was off to see Amos Lee at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Arboretum. Pretty cool venue but it was chilllllly. I don't know what is going on with this crazy weather, but for some reason it decided to drop to 40 something degrees that night! Whew...luckily we were prepared with blankets! The Petro's helped, too!

coooold at Amos Lee

 His show was up-beat and was the people watching!! The weekend was all-around full of amazing music! Thanks ladies for coming in to celebrate with me!!

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