Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ICKing of Trails

The 1/2 marathon official pictures are protected and for order only. So no "save as" and upload. They did get a few pics of me crossing the finish line and actually posted the video too! You can hear them call my name as I run through the 50 yard line at Neyland Stadium! Here is the link:

And yes, one of the pictures is not actually me.
Now, for today's post. This weekend was absolutely perfect weather for getting outside! I went on a greenway bike ride with my friend Steph on Saturday. We just strolled for a while and decided to grab lunch at Tomato Head while we were out! Soo delish! I should have taken a picture of my food..but I did at least manage to get one of the bikes!

love my pretty blue bike

On Sunday, I ran the ICKing of Trails race for Easter. This was my first trail race and it was a blast! The course was at IC King and was somewhere between 7 and 8 miles. Shew was it hilly! Almost all of IC King is single track so that made passing (read getting passed) a bit of a challenge sometimes. The race organizers did a great job making sure the course was clearly marked and had volunteers out to help if needed. They also put a water stop 1/2 way through..thank goodness! I didn't bother bringing any with me and probably could have used it.

The race had a staggered start since it was a single track course. The older women started the race off, then older men, and we were towards the back. The times were "handicapped" so the the clock started with the first woman and whoever crossed the finish line first was the winner. I started my watch when I crossed the start line and my run time was 1:18:50. The table below shows my clock time with the handicaps.

speedy results thanks to Knoxville Track Club

Managed to get 7th for the open females! I'll take it! As I told a friend of mine after the race, I didn't fall and I wasn't the last to cross the finish line. That's a win in my books!

Speaking of races, the boytoy is currently ranked 1st in the southeast in his mountain biking category and got 2nd at his last race!! Get it babeh!! He's gonna kill it this summer!

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