Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo weekend

May is going to be a whirlwind!! Crazy weekend numero uno: Cinco de Mayo!

This post will be updated with more pictures when I get my replacement cord for my camera in 3-5 business days :)

The month started off with a girls trip to Atlanta. I love the story of how we know each other. Caley, my college roommate for 3ish years, got married last summer. She had 3 of us from college in her wedding and 3 of her friends from high school. The group has gotten together on 3 different occasions leading up to and including the wedding and we have all gotten along really well!! It is so rare to have so much fun/like all the bridesmaids in a wedding! So, it's been almost a year since the wedding and we decided it was time to get back together! We all made our way down to Jessica's apartment in Atlanta. We had some fun and a lot of laughs. I left on Saturday and played dd for the ladies before hitting the road. $1 margs?? Yes please! No worries..I had water.

After dropping the girls off, I got on the road up to Gatlinburg. I decided to go the scenic route through the mountains (which was actually much faster than going back through Knoxville). The drive was absolutely beautiful and perfect for riding with the windows down and some Whitney Houston pandora!!

Made it to Gatlinburg just before dark to spend some time with Joel's fam! His sister, Angelina, her partner, Cris, and Boots, the baby, were down from Philly to spend some time in the mountains. Joel and I grabbed some dinner and had a couple beers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo
We headed back and called it a night after some visiting. We got a surprise wake up call at 4ish am. Ang's  prego Italian Greyhound had puppies!! Got to "watch" some of the process. I managed to turn the other way for the gross stuff. Still a really cool experience. The momma had 5 puppies! Unfortunately, one didn't make it but the other 4 are healthy and happy! 

pic from Ang's facebook
Joel and I managed to crash again and stayed in bed until 11:20! I can't remember the last time I stayed in bed past 9am! After we finally got up and moving, we decided to go for a "quick and easy" trail run. Joel found us a little warm up trail called Grotto Falls then we were going to hit something slightly longer. According to Joel, this was 1/2 a mile and relatively flat. HA!! It was 1.4 miles to the falls and straight up! So much for a warm up! Despite the trouble I had with the climb right out of the gate, it was a great run with a pretty waterfall at the top! The run down wasn't so bad either! pics coming soon

Then it was straight to the pool with the baby! Mr. Boots had his first pool experience and was adorable, as usual! pics coming soon

After some showers and walking around downtown, I headed home to pick up the pooch and crash! What a crazy/fun weekend!


  1. I love puppies!!!! So cute!
    It sounds like you did have a crazy/fun weekend if you lost your camera cord. Haha. Everyone has to have a weekend like that every once in a while.:-)