Friday, May 25, 2012

The recycling dog

I haven't been sick in nearly a year and managed to catch some bug this weekend. Monday-Wednesday were not so pleasant. And because I rarely get sick these days, I was a big ol' baby about it. Luckily for Joel, he was out of town and didn't have to deal with my whining in person! But I am back to feeling better, although still a little snotty!

I went on a run for the first time in about a week yesterday after work. It was rather toasty out but I was WELL hydrated and rested due to the sickness. Figured I would just run 2 or 3 miles since my body was a tad weak but I felt great!! The pup and I got in 4 miles no problem!! We did run it a tad slow but it was one of those runs where you feel awesome!! On this run, we got a few laughs. I was like "oh no...can you see my underwear???" Fortunately for me, all was good. Ari had picked up a water bottle and ran with it 3 out of the 4 miles. He's quite the recycler. Gets water bottles everywhere we go. It's like treasure to him! Other runners and cyclists got a big kick out of it!

my little recycler

I let him play in the water some on the way back and when we finished I still had motivation/energy to do laundry, dishes, and cook dinner. This was a RARE occasion so I took advantage!

On another note, I've decided I'm going to take the plunge! I am going to give a marathon a try!! Ahhh!! Went to the runner's market, my local runner's shop, and ordered a new pair of shoes (it was time anyways) yesterday after my run and am ready to do this! 

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