Monday, May 21, 2012

Crazy May, weekend numero tres

This installment of Crazy May brings you another wedding...and a bike ride.

This weekend, my cousin got married in North Carolina. The wedding was super emotional! She sang a song as she walked down the aisle (this was a surprise for her now hubby). She, Chelsea, has an amazing voice and not one eye was dry in that room!! The father/daughter dance had everyone teared up again! Getting ready for this wedding was fun and laid back. Chelsea's friends are hilarious! They were cracking me up! I also got to make all the jewelry for the wedding! I'm pretty proud of the way all of the pieces turned out!

my cousin Ally and I (her sis is the one that got married)

We made it back to TN safe and sound and I had a dog-sitter until Sunday. So when I got up Sunday morning, I had zero guilt for going on a long bike ride before I picked up the pooch. Did an easy paced 30 mile ride through South Knoxville. This area is beautiful with open fields and country views! Love riding here!

man it feels good to be a gangster felt good to be back on the bike
After my amazing bike ride, I showered and immediately went to get Ari and see the bf...without eating. I did have a protein shake after riding and I'm pretty sure that is the only reason I managed to get to Joel's house without fainting. After hanging out for a few, I ran to Kroger to get grilling essentials for dinner. I decided to make a list on my phone of things that I needed (ginger ale is all that actually made it on the list). So of course I kept my list out the entire shopping trip to make sure I didn't leave anything behind. I checked out and left my phone at the self-checkout. Nice one, spaz. I didn't realize I had left it anywhere for 4 hours!! Joel and I were starving so we grilled, slammed down the food, and tinkered with bikes for a while. I wanted to take pictures of Joel playing with my bike because Ari was "helping" him. It was quite the sight! Anyways, we finished up and I used Joel's phone to call mine repeatedly all over the house and in my car. After several calls and no ringer heard, someone answered my phone! Some kind person had turned it in to customer service at Kroger (I thought for sure someone had stolen my phone and my identity)!! Good karma exists after all!! Hope that person gets some good karma too! Thank you, whoever you are!

Oh...and Joel had a 12 hour mountain bike race at Tsali this weekend (gah..only 12 hours). His team got second place!!! Totally rocked it!

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  1. Weddings are so much fun to be apart of. Glad that you had a great weekend. :-)