Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I had a dream...

...that I was training for a marathon! I think it's a sign!

if only I looked this happy when I run

I'm not sure when but I'm thinking somewhere much flatter than TN! :)

Oh....and by sweet bf got me a pair of triathlon shorts because I've been talking for a while about giving one a tri (haha...get it? tri?). I'm thinking about doing a duathlon first (run bike run) since I'm not much of a swimmer. Now that I have shorts that don't feel like a diaper the proper attire, I have no excuses!


  1. If you dream it, then it's probably time to start looking up races! (my advice is find one in late fall in hopes of a cool day!) :)

  2. Ha! I can only hope the one I am looking at has much cooler weather than your 1st marathon!! It's in November so as long as the weather is typical (yeah right), all should be good!