Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy May, weekend numero dos

Had another crazy/way too fast weekend.

My grandfather (aka Papa) and my uncle Howard came in town so we had dinner with the fam Friday night. This was Joel's first introduction to Papa and Howard. Any booooy they sure let it rip. They didn't hold back at all! Papa's favorite joke is to ask if you have "a little Jewish in ya". Joel was warned and proceeded to egg Papa on. Papa had a hard time remembering Joel's name and called him Josh all night. Joel basically called my uncle a relic and he called much attention the fact that Joel is a handsy talker. It was all in good fun! The company was enjoyed all around and lots of laughs were had. I think the fam might actually like the boytoy ;)

Saturday morning Joel had a mountain bike race nearby. It was the first I got to come show some gf support and it was prettttty cool to see him in action! The race was two laps around Concord Park (each lap taking him 40ish minutes). I saw him off then snuck up in the woods to see him come around for lap 2.

this is what I did while I waited...thanks for the entertainment, instagram

he rides so super fast, he is blurry!
I had to sneak off before the big finish... but from what I hear, Joel totally rocked it! He won the race!!

Ari and I hit the trails Saturday too! We went for a 3.5ish mile trail run. The weather was really nice and I was feelin good! After everyone was clean, Joel and I went to a friend's wedding. She got married at her dad's island on the TN River. The wedding was beautiful! But, I left my phone in the car so no pictures. Seeing some of the old high school crowd was actually a good time! Fun to catch up with my old climbing buddies.

Sunday was Mother's Day and...wait for it...wait for it...1 year with Joel!!!!! He is the first man to entertain me for an entire year!! He made me breakfast and I made mimosas! We spent time with our respective mothers yesterday and will celebrate "us" tonight.

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