Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend was absolutely beautiful! Sunny all weekend and hot! On Saturday, we hit the pool for some tanning action and then went mountain biking!!! This was Ari's first mountain bike adventure and my first enjoyable ride! I've been once or twice before but was not a fan either time. I'm stronger, more confident, and had an awesome teacher this time around!!! Joel took Ari out for his first mountain biking experience while I got my bearings on the easy loop.  

Ari loving some mountain biking!

We didn't have much time before sunset, so I only did one lap in the woods and played in the parking lot until Joel and Ari made their way out a few minutes later.

finally got out on the mountain bike at Concord Park!

 Ari did great! And I had a blast (even though I was super slow and terrified that I would fall to my death)! We had so much fun, we hit it again Sunday morning. It was a scorcher so we tried to get out there early.

Ari and Joel's bike

And by early I mean 11am. It was already pretty hot so Ari did a lot of cooling off!!

a water dog doing what he does best

I got two laps in and was tired. Definitely need to work on that endurance!!! So I changed and walked some of the more difficult trails (not getting anywhere near those on a bike just yet) and met the boys back out at the car. Ari was cooked!!

happy/worn out pup!

The only bad part was that Ari ripped both front pads :(


You couldn't even tell the poor guy was in pain until we got back to Joel's house. He limped pretty bad for the next two days :( Luckily it was just the 1st layer of the pad so he should heal up quickly. 

We went down to grill out at Joel's parents after the mountain biking. The company was great, as usual, and the food was delish!

On Monday, we went on a hike. Since Ari's poor little feetsies were still in pain, we decided to leave him and home and hike the Ramsey Cascades Trail...4 miles up, 4 miles back down. Couldn't have asked for better weather!

Ramsey Cascades, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

And we finished!
It was so awesome to spend the entire weekend playing outside with the bf!! I will leave you with two random pictures from the hike.

helllllllo Sweat Pink shoelaces!

prob the best pic from the hike


  1. That looks awesome! I like that you rocked the pick shoelaces :D

    1. Why thank you. They definitely got some attention on the trail.