Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a picture update

I finally got the cord for my camera and have random some pics to update!

my beautiful rose from Joel for our 1 year
Melting Pot to celebrate 1 year!

Folly Beach, SC in April
our usual shot
checking out the scenery

Joel's dad and little Boots in Gatlinburg in May
baby's first time in the water!

yeah, we trail run to waterfalls - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Grotto Falls trail run, May
had to get this shot in


  1. OMG, South Carolina looks beautiful!! Sadly, we don't get many waterfalls in Chicago. Unless a fire hydrant explodes. :D

  2. Folly Beach in SC was amazing! We went down to a side that is off the beaten path and had the place to ourselves! The waterfall is actually in Tennessee. Forgot to mention that :/ We have quite a few down south! But, sadly, not very many fire hydrant explosions.