Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adventure Colorado

We vacationed in Colorado recently and it proved to be quite the adventure. The story in pictures:

Lightner Creek Campground, Durango, CO. Scary and awesome.

got a little lost hiking a ridgeline day 2

we found the trail again!

day 3 hiked Mt. Sneffles, 14er in Ouray, CO

rock scramble of least we are cute

view from the top...totally worth the agony


Mt. Sneffles trailhead...we started a solid 3 miles lower..oops

we may have done some damage to the rental car...oops again

1/2 way up hike to Columbine Lake, day 4

beautiful lake at the top of a mountain
On a side note, the clouds looked sketchy all day. Lightning struck really close by before we got down to the tree line. We put our trail running skills to the test and BOOKED it down!

last night of camping, Silverton, CO

1 full day of rain = really wet stuff. drying out before we pack up to head back east 
On another side note, this was in the parking lot at Alberston's, a grocery store. We went inside to use the bathrooms and the front of the store was apparently the place to be. So we followed suit and took a seat on a porch swing in the shade to relax for a few. Next thing we knew, people were showing up to start a drive to raise money for the fire victims in Colorado. I looked to the left and saw a familiar Durango, Colorado! I told Joel, "I think I know her. She looks like one of my college friends." I waited to hear her introduce herself to someone else, and it WAS her!! Meleana! I jumped up and ran over and we were reunited!! She is living in Durango...who knew?? Such a crazy awesome grocery store!

waiting on the cab at Enterprise

wasting time at the airport..Joel took about a million pictures
trying to learn how to work his camera manually

our flight landed late, leaving us 15 minutes to run 30 gates and be on the next plane

chicken coup! in downtown atl at my cousin's house

delish!! breakfast before hitting the road to TN


  1. It sounds like you had quite the adventurous vacation. Your pictures are beautiful. Small world to run into a college friend too!

    1. No kidding! I was shocked! Especially since we went to college in South Carolina!