Monday, August 20, 2012

Recap: week 3 of marathon training

Monday: did the Bearden Beer Market 3 miler + beer with all the other alchies...will probably be do this one more often.
Tuesday: planned a 4 mile trail run but got rained out. Did 4 miles with Joel and JB and Ari on the greenway.
Wednesday: took Megabus to DC...that counts as training right?
Joel's Megabus get-up
Thursday: played with babies
JoelAlexander...aka chupa
Friday: ran 5 with Joel in Lewes, DE, on a fine gravel path. We waited too long and it was HOT! but the terrain was flat, so it was ok.
Saturday: Paddleboarded and sea-kayaked...way fun cross training
Sunday: ran 3 on the same path with Joel early this time. Weather was perfect and we kept a swift pace. Made a last minute decision over lunch to fly back instead of taking the Megabus back. Joel Someone was not a Megabus fan.
me, Joel, and his momma at the airport

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