Friday, August 10, 2012

Compression Socks

Let's just say, I love em! I have a couple of pairs and hiked a 14er in Colorado in my "ski" pair. They saved my poor little calves hiking up the torturous rock scramble that is Mt. Sneffles.

infamous rock scramble

I also have a pair of smartwool compression socks Joel got me for fun...they look like old man work socks so I wear them at work sometimes.

old man compression socks

Then I have a pair of Swiftwick socks that are much thinner - more of a summertime sock. Well it's been so flippin hot, I haven't even tried running in them. Until yesterday! It rained a glorious rain and finally cooled down the temp. I ran outside in my compression socks for the first time and I felt like I was Kara Goucher super springy and could run faster and farther. I'm not sure if it was the placebo effect or if I really was moving faster because of the socks. Either way, I'll take it!

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