Monday, August 6, 2012

Recap: 1st week of marathon training

Yesterday ended my first official week of marathon training. Here is my recap:
Monday: Rest day....I can handle this.
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles with the Joelster and Ari on the greenway. Took it nice and slow.
Wednesday: Ran 2 miles before the storm hit.
Thursday: Woke up early to run managed to go back to sleep when the alarm went off and had plans that no run.
Friday: Made up the Thursday run...4 miles on a 0.5 mile course....8 laps is far too many in one place.
Saturday: Shopped...that counts right?
Sunday: 6 miles with the little Indian on the greenway. Super humid!

This weekend was also spent sprucing up my living room.

got some taping in monkey-style

my mother took pics instead of spotting my risky taping maneuvers...

getting somewhere
Not quite finished but only have one coat left! That's on the calendar for tonight.

I'll leave you with this adorable picture...

the boys waited so patiently on me

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