Monday, August 27, 2012

Recap: week 4 of marathon training

Before I get to the recap, I want to share a little inspiration "And though she be but little, she is fierce"- Shakespeare. Man knew what he was talking about!

Monday: Rest day! Woo!
Tuesday: 3 mile greenway run...wasn't feeling too hot and almost puked
Wednesday: 4 mile trail run...another rough one
Thursday: Feeling a little better for the 3 mile greenway run
Friday: Drove to Winthrop University (my alma mater) for a nerdy reunion
Saturday: Ran 9 miles around campus with my buddy Lisa! Finally felt great again!
Sunday: Drove home and played with doggy.

ball ball ball  BALL
my fav picture of Ari to date!

Had an awesome trip but missed my boys! We were all a little exhausted by last night.

arm pillow 

On a side note...I made a pit stop on the drive home through Asheville, NC, to meet up with my old roomie and her hubs for brunch and a walk around downtown. We knew what was coming but weren't sure it was for real. It was! There was a topless protest happening! Ha! pics. We honestly didn't even see that many ta-tas. We weren't exactly in the middle of the action. But plenty of men had their shirts of to show "support" if you will.